A downloadable game for Windows

<Special for Virtus game jam 2018 winter!>
Armageddon, on the vastness of fictional world, where gods began to want to much more than they had, pass on the shattered world for lost soul.

the input-only keyboard

controls -  WASD - to movment
Mouse - to rotate character

Left mouse button - shoot

Q - Health potion

E - Mana potion

2 - swith to super ability
Game createt special for Virtus game jam 2018

Team - SpaceLosers

(Andrey Shipkov - Game design, programming. https://www.artstation.com/andreyshipkov)

(Anna Muravjova - 2D Artist, 3D Artist. https://www.artstation.com/annamoore)

(Ivan Shipkov - SFX, Music https://vk.com/rey_dj)

Powered by UE4

(known issue) - Bad UI, Bad menu, no sound option, bad optimization?


Following the god's lies.zip 706 MB


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pretty good game :) my only real issue was the cursor blending into the ground and not knowing where im shooting xD i died after the "survive" phase and when i respawned i kept respawning into the ground so i couldn't finish the game, i will say though a lot of levels for such a short time xD